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Poole Health and Wellbeing Centre was set up in 2020 in order to make cutting edge holistic therapies more widely available to people. Shirin Naidoo initially set up the clinic after finding that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy had made a tremendous difference to her own health and well-being, and discovering that the therapy was being used widely around the world for numerous conditions, frequently with impressive results in cases when no other treatment had worked.

She also added various other therapies that had long proved themselves effective with herself, her family and her clients (Colonic Hydrotherapy, Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Life Coaching and Distant Healing) so that the Centre can now offer a wide range of powerful therapies and healing modalities to our clients everywhere.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer powerful therapies to people in order to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Our Team

Shirin Naidoo

Shirin has worked as a therapist and workshop leader for over 30 years, initially in the field of drug addiction and HIV/AIDS. She has also worked with clients with chronic fatigue and a wide range of other diseases/life issues. Her work has been featured on national television and in national newspapers (see here) and she has received several awards and national acknowledgement for her work, including a special award from the Terrence Higgins Trust for her “exemplary contribution and outstanding service to the community in the field of HIV and Aids”. Shirin is passionate about self development, healing and spiritual awakening.

For more information on Shirin’s healing philosophy (see here)

Therapies: Life Coaching

Jeremy Stern

Jeremy, a Cambridge university graduate has been active in the self-development and complementary healing fields for more than 20 years. He has worked as both a trainer and coach in business and has also trained and certified other Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP and of Hypnotherapy. He has also worked as a therapist/life coach and loves working with individuals both as a life coach and as a holistic healer. He has trained in numerous healing modalities and therapies, including Mindfulness, Qigong and Craniosacral Therapy.

Therapies: VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Craniosacral Therapy, Distant Healing

Dena Godward

Dena’s background is as a Hospital Chief Pharmacist. She retrained in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy having seen the difference it can make in people’s life. She trained at DDRC in Plymouth and is accredited by European Baromedical Association (EBAss). She has worked at the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre in London, where she gained extensive experience in HBOT working with a wide range of clients. She is passionate about HBOT therapy and the outcomes it can have for people’s quality of life.

Therapies: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Memberships: EBASS

Julia Chappell

Julia is our Principal Colon Hydrotherapist who came to colonics following a long career as a Senior Physiotherapist. Julia trained with Dr Milo Siewart, the founder of colon hydrotherapy in UK, at the National College of Colon Hydrotherapists. She is a member of ARCH (The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).
She is enthusiastic about colon hydrotherapy and passionately committed to her work in this field, having seen the positive difference it can make for clients.

Therapies: Colon Hydrotherapy
Memberships: ARCH, CNCH

Sushaan Maroli

My commitment to Mindfulness comes after a period of exploration in Self Development (over 35 years) embracing Positive psychology, NLP, Yoga, Trager technique and coaching.

I subscribe to the paradigm that all of us are innately well; this core of wellbeing is accessible in Meditation. In the presence of Insight, we are not broken, and don’t need to be ‘fixed’.

I am particularly interested in Stress Physiology, the ways in which the body holds tension, and the mind’s role in eliminating it or proliferating it.

I have been a yoga teacher for 12 years, and teach it for psychological health, not just for physical health.

I have found a natural resonance with my worldview and Breathworks elegant, streamlined approach to Mindfulness, in which Attentional training and attitudinal aspects (e.g. Kindliness) are seamlessly woven.

I am inspired to embody Mindfulness in my life as best I can. An important aspect of this is teaching Mindfulness, with a beginner’s Mind, as a fellow sojourner on the path, learning and enquiring together with others having a similar interest.

I am interested in the follow-on experiences of folk beyond the 8 week course period.

Therapies: Mindfulness

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