Distant Healing

What is Distant Healing and how does it work?

Although it quite understandably poses a challenge to many people’s belief systems, most healers know from experience that distant healing can work just as well as face to face healing. How it works exactly is still a mystery to orthodox science, but there are many studies, including double blind studies (1) that suggest that distant healing can in fact be very effective. 

In our own experience, simply by the healer intending to give the healing to a person (who may be located hundreds or thousands of miles away), and carrying through the healing as if the person were right there in front of them, the same healing effects ensue as if they were there in person. 

“I remember many years ago receiving a distant healing from a healer in Brazil thousands of miles away, and I could feel the healing happening as it moved throughout my body moment to moment, such that I could feel exactly when it was starting and when it had ended!”   Jeremy Stern

Jeremy offers two types of powerful distant healing:

1. Programmed Crystal Scalar Energy Healing

This is a unique form of distant healing that combines three different healing methodologies: scalar energy, programmed crystal healing and flower essences. 

Scalar Energy has been shown to be beneficial to humans, plants and animals in numerous scientific studies, and an ever increasing number of people are reporting alleviation or full healing of their illnesses using scalar energy (see www.spooky2scalar.com for case histories, and for more information on scalar energy and how it works). 

Scalar Energy alone can bring about powerful healing, but Jeremy uses a powerful Spooky2 Scalar machine to transmit healing using prayer, programmed crystals and selected flower essences to increase the effectiveness of the sessions.  

You will be asked to lie down at a mutually agreed time to receive the healings. Each session typically lasts an hour and a half. You will need to email Jeremy a photograph of yourself.

2. VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing works on all levels of a person’s being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic. It is in our opinion the healing method par excellence for releasing emotional issues such as stress, fear and anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt and shame. 

But VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing has also proven to be very useful for many physical conditions, helping to alleviate their severity, and many people worldwide have reported major improvements in their health after one or a number of sessions. It is to our knowledge the only energy healing modality that both channels divine energy and is directed by divine consciousness. This means that the energy itself automatically “knows where to go” and how to operate in your body and energy system.  

Jeremy is trained to the highest level (MI) in VortexHealing® (VortexHealing® currently has 13 levels!), and has repeated many classes in order to deepen his abilities. He has been a vortex healer for more than 18 years. 

What happens in a session?

You will be asked to lie down and rest in your own home, wherever you are in the world, and do nothing for 45 minutes – 1 hour while you receive the healing. Many people can feel the energy of the healing happening in their bodies.

How many sessions will I need?

This will of course depend on what you request the healing for and also on the state of your own body and energy system. Very good results can frequently be achieved within just a few sessions.

You can request Vortex Healing for:

Organ Healing:

Many of us have organs that cease to function optimally as a result of illness, diet, simple aging, or various other factors. From a Chinese medical viewpoint, even before there is a measurable “disease” from a Western perspective, our organs may have become weakened or damaged in some way. Vortex Healing has the capacity to “upgrade” the organs energetically in way we have not seen in any other healing art. This goes beyond simply tonifying or giving qi (energy) to the organ – it is a complete energetic upgrade of the organ on the etheric levels of the person’s being, as well as the physical. 

Emotional Balance and Release

Vortex Healing, at MI level, its highest level, is able to go right to the root of our emotional patterning and clear emotions at the deepest levels of our energy system. In this respect, it outperforms every other healing art we have experienced. You can request healings for anger, anxiety and fear, shame, guilt, sadness, depression, hurt etc.


In Jeremy’s experience, Vortex Healing has generally been excellent for viral infections, good/very good for bacterial infections, though less good for fungal infections and for parasites. 

Other Applications

These include help with various illnesses, old trauma, chakra optimisation and strengthening the energy system. There is a very good chance that a few sessions of Vortex Healing will be able to help you, whatever your situation.

Emailed Report

Each distant Vortex Healing session includes a short emailed report on the healing, as well as any information that Jeremy wishes you to take note of that may have come through for you during the session.

(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1305403/

To request a healing or for more information, please contact jeremy@poolehwbcentre.co.uk


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