Life Healing Meditations to Raise Your Vibration 

This set of 11 Life Healing Meditations (plus an Introduction) have been specifically designed to enable you to transform each and every aspect of your life. There are meditations that will help you to:

* Become clear about your life purpose 
* Forgive and accept yourself and others 
* End self sabotage, 
* Deal with the inner critic 
* Let go of unwanted emotions and painful past memories
* Activate your inner resources 
* Heal and cleanse the body 
* Release limiting beliefs in any area of your life
* Release unwanted enmeshment with others
* Develop unconditional love. 

By listening to the meditations regularly you will raise your vibration, embrace the life you want and become a “greater version” of yourself.

What is special about these meditations?

The meditations have been written using Ericksonian language patterns that work directly with your unconscious mind. This means that you can simply relax and allow your unconscious mind to facilitate the healing and transformation for you. 

In addition, the music has been generously provided by Thaddeus and is specifically designed to help you to deeply relax and help you automatically access Alpha and Theta brainwaves, which allow for healing, safe emotional release and transformation of consciousness. 

Who reads the meditations?

Eight of the meditations are read by Shirin Naidoo, an experienced and awakened workshop leader (see her bio here) who has helped thousands of people transform their lives. Countless individuals have used her life healing approach to improve the quality of their lives physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Shirin has received a special award for her work from the Terrence Higgins’ Trust, commending her for her “outstanding commitment and exemplary service to the community in the field of HIV and Aids”. A video, “First Steps to Maximising Immunity”, in which Shirin’s work was featured along with other therapists, was presented with an award for educational merit by the British Medical Association.

Jeremy Stern, a gifted and experienced therapist, healer and workshop leader who has worked with Shirin over many years (see his bio here), reads three of the meditations in the series.

How to do the meditations?

You will get the maximum benefit from the meditations by first listening to the Introduction and then using the accompanying booklet/pdf file to complete your goals forms. (A detailed example of how to word your goals for maximum results is given in the accompanying booklet/pdf file).

Once you have set your goals and made the commitment to achieving them, simply lie down and enjoy listening to the meditations as often as you like. Most people find that listening to them on a regular basis helps them to achieve the best results.


Life Healing Meditations to Raise your Vibration

Full Set of Life Healing Meditations

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