Craniosacral Therapy (Coming Soon)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a beautifully gentle, relaxing and profound for of treatment that enables your body access its own deep healing resources in order to to heal and restore balance to itself. It uses a very light, “listening” touch to help your body’s tensions, knots and stresses gently unwind in a safe, comfortable environment.

People with many different health issues have reported significant improvements in their conditions after having one or a series of sessions. Craniosacral Therapy, despite its name,  does not simply work with the head and the sacrum but rather with the whole person at the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual levels of their being.

Jeremy will place his hands very lightly on your body and listen deeply to the energy flowing in your system. The energy itself, known as “the Tide” in craniosacral therapy, will then help the body to release blockages and tensions slowly, safely and comfortably. After a session people tend to feel incredibly relaxed and significantly freer in their being.

Who is it for?

Because biodynamic craniosacral therapy is so gentle, it is suitable for everyone from children to the elderly. Children must be accompanied by a parent during the session.Moreover, we believe everyone can benefit from CST as it works is to balance the body’s energy system and to clear blockages. 

Several scientific studies speak of the efficacy of Craniosacral Therapy for various conditions (1). Examples of conditions where Craniosacral Therapy has been used successfully:

anxiety and stress
general pain
back pain (1)
neck pain (1)
fibromyalgia (1)
general wellbeing
digestive disorders
infantile colic (2)
migraine (3)
trauma (physical and emotional)
sleep disorders

What happens during a session?

Prior to the session, you will have filled in a written case history. In the session, Jeremy will initially discuss with you the reasons for your visit  You will then lie down on the treatment couch, remaining fully clothed throughout, while Jeremy places his hands very lightly on your body – most frequently the head, the spine or the feet. 

How many sessions are required?

Sometimes people experience relief from a particular condition in just one or two sessions. For many conditions, however, especially long-standing ones, more sessions will be required. Some people will choose to have regular sessions over several weeks or months. This, they say, helps them to continue their healing process and to feel more resilient and resourceful in life generally.

Craniosacral therapy is not intended as primary healthcare but as an additional support for your health and well-being.

(1) (This meta-analysis concluded that there were “significant and robust effects of CST on pain and function lasting up to six months”.)


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