Colonic Hydrotherapy FAQ’s

The simple answer is NO. The vast majority of clients report that when the tube is inserted “it feels weird”. There can, at times, be a slight discomfort if the client is tense, which is why we have developed the pre-colonic massage. This not only relaxes the body prior to the treatment but also starts the movement of faecal matter and gas round the colon before the water treatment starts.

After you have booked your first session you will be sent an information email, which has full details of all that you can do to prepare for your colonic. The main points are:

  • keep as well hydrated as possible
  • avoid eating a heavy meal just before your session. Ideally you shouldn’t eat anything for at least 1 ½ to 2 hours before your colonic but if it’s necessary for you to eat then make sure its light, like fruit, so that you won’t feel uncomfortable during the treatment.
  • if any foods or drinks are known to create excessive gas in your system then try and avoid these in the few days before your session.
  • try and reduce the amount of animal products in the days/weeks prior to your session, especially dairy products as these can create excessive mucous in your system

The equipment we use is top of the range and our therapist has had over 9 years experience in colon hydrotherapy and is registered with both ARCH and CNHN. This means that there are stringent checks in place to ensure complete safety for everyone at every stage of the treatment.
So yes, Colon Hydrotherapy is safe with us. It is however most important that you disclose any medical conditions you may have during your consultation so that if there are any medical issues that need addressing this can be done prior to your treatments.

The vast majority of our clients only experience one main side effect after their colon hydrotherapy treatment – they feel better!
Very occasionally a client may initially feel some residual bloating if not all of the gas has been eliminated in the session. This generally only lasts a few hours.
Rarely a client will have a toxic reaction, which happens when your colon wants to continue the detox process we started in the session but is unable to do so as the colon isn’t clear enough. This can result in some feelings of nausea or headaches. The best remedy for this is to have your next colonic as soon as possible (the next day is preferable) so that you help your body release the accumulated toxins.

Because we are each of us totally unique human beings – no two people are ever alike – we all experience a colonic in different ways so it’s really difficult to say how each of you will feel during or after the session.
The vast majority of clients experience a sense of calm and restfulness during the session and afterwards there are a multitude of experiences – flatter tummies, less bloating, able to breathe again, joint and back pains relieved, headaches gone, feeling less stressed, skin glowing, eyes brighter – and many more.
Colonics can also have an impact on your energy. Some clients feel they have so much more energy that they could go and run a marathon after their session and others feel like they have just run one – feeling tired in a good relaxed post exercise way! And of course everything in between the two extremes.

Yes there are some conditions in which a colonic is not allowed to be carried out and there are some where a treatment can be done while taking extra precautions. If you have been diagnosed with any of the following complaints, Colon Hydrotherapy treatment would not be suitable for you:
Abdominal hernia
Blood clots
Cirrhosis of the liver
Congestive cardiac failure
Colon, kidney or liver cancer
Crohn’s disease
Diverticulitis (inflamed, medicated , symptomatic)
Recent colon or rectal surgery
Rectal bleeding
Rectal fissures
Renal insufficiency
Severe anaemia
Severe cardiac disease
Severe haemorrhoids
Severe prostate problems
Ulcerative colitis
Uncontrolled high blood pressure
Long term steroid medications

As we’ve already said, each client is unique so there is no single answer to this question. Though every single colonic you have is making a difference to your system – cleansing and detoxing – not everyone will be immediately aware of these often subtle changes.
Having said that, the majority of our clients do see and/or feel some benefits after the first session. For others it can take a few sessions before they are aware of the changes happening.

Here are a few of the comments from clients after their first colonic:-

  • Wow, I feel so light I could float home
  • My trousers don’t feel tight any more
  • I have my flat stomach back
  • The pain in my back has gone
  • I feel so relaxed – like I’ve just been pampered
  • I’m shocked – I had no idea there was so much rubbish in me!! Where did all that come from!!!

    And some comments when clients came back for their follow up colonics:-
  • I had so much energy for at least a week. I still feel great, not lethargic like I used to be all the time.
  • I’ve been to the toilet properly 3 times this week and feel so much better (comment after 3 sessions – this client used to feel permanently blocked up, having a bowel movement once every 7-10 days)
  • I have much less bloating now and my bowel movements are easier – no more straining. It’s great
  • I don’t actually think about my bowels any more. My life used to be ruled by my bowels and now I have my life back (comment after 6 months of regular colonics).

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