Releasing Enmeshment: Taking Back Your Power


Releasing Enmeshment: Taking Back Your Power


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Regain your independence and inner strength and develop yourself emotionally and spiritually.

Whenever we are close to people – parents or other close family members, romantic partners and ex-partners, close work colleagues – we can have the tendency to form invisible but limiting energetic ties with them. Unfortunately, these energetic cords can bind us to these people and leave us feeling unresourceful and disempowered.

Most people have, for example, experienced the difficulty of moving on after an intense romantic relationship. One of the things that contributes to this difficulty is the fact that we are still “joined” to our former partner energetically. This means in practice that we are still looking to receive something from them that we have the capacity to find within ourselves. The same may apply in many cases to our relationship with our parents. It was appropriate to attach to them when we were younger, but sometimes we unconsciously still feel a need to bind ourselves to them when we are older.

This meditation shows us how to cut limiting ties in such a way that respects and empowers both ourselves and the other person. Wherever appropriate, we will retain a sense of love and connection with them, but we will also release any disempowering ties that seek to find love, approval, strength, power, support or some other resource in the other person. Instead, we are shown how to access these resources within ourselves.

(Read by Shirin Naidoo)



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